Tips to Speed Up Your PC

April 20th, 2017 by ClientTech

Here are three ways to help speed up your computer.

1.) Remove Any Unused Apps/Programs

Most computers nowadays come preinstalled with several background applications, or “helper programs,” that are designed to give users easier access to certain functions or widgets. Often, most these programs remain useless or even unknown to the average user. Even when these programs are not in use they remain running in the background utilizing processing power and valuable storage from your computer.

The method of uninstalling an app or program will differ depending on your operating system:

For Windows: Access the Settings tab found on the Start button on the bottom left of the screen, click the System tab (Windows 10), and chose Apps & Features from the side bar menu. From there, select the program you want to remove and click Uninstall.

For Mac OS: Simply open the Applications sidebar through the Finder window, control-click the app you wish to delete, and select “Move to Trash.”

Go through the list of programs on your computer and find any that you may have accumulated over time that you no longer need. Getting rid of older applications and “helper programs” will free up space on your computer’s hard drive and allow the computer operate without loss of processing power.

2.) External Hard drive

Unless you decide to build your own computer from parts, you don’t have much freedom in the amount of storage your computer can hold. Backing up files to an external hard drive will free up space on your computer’s hard drive disk and allow you to organize important data more efficiently. External hard drives vary in size, ranging anywhere from 2GB to 4TB. If you work with a large volume of files, whether they are word documents, videos, or graphic illustrations, a safe size to go with is roughly about 1TB.

3.) Run a Virus Scan

The Internet provides access to unlimited programs that we’re able to install with the click of a button. Often times, however, these easy-to-download programs will come in bundles containing unwarranted spyware or even worse, a virus. These under the radar software programs will be installed as add-ons to a bigger program that you may be trying to use. Without a proper virus protection, your computer may fail to recognize that it’s installing something that can harm your computer and cause serious system failure. Investing in proper antivirus programs such as AVG, Norton, and McAfee can prevent your computer from unsolicited data streaming and help your computer operate at peak performance. There are plenty of Antivirus Programs that come with free trial versions that you may use without paying; however, spending a little extra on a full antivirus protection can ensure your PC is protected by any hidden attacks from the web.

Difficulties in computer speed can range anywhere from a simple fix to being a complicated problem with no foreseeable solution. Our team here at Client Technology Services, LLC is always here to help out, from simple to complex issues. For more information, or to discuss your specific IT issues, contact Client-Tech today at (225) 753-6682 or, we can walk you through on the phone or even set up a consultation.

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