Benefits of a Managed IT Service

August 17th, 2017 by ClientTech


From small-medium entrepreneurships to corporate collosals, business owners will tell you that running a business takes much more than a product and a person to sell that product to. Every business is comprised of multiple departments and task forces, each essential in maintaining the organization’s structure.  Human resources, account and finance, marketing, and customer service support are all staple departments of organization for a business. While there are many more examples of functional areas, one that is often overlooked is Information Technology service.

On a literal level, Information Technology (or IT) support is an incredibly broad term that refers to any assistance given with technology-related products and services. In a business setting however, the role of an IT technical support officer is primarily to help monitor and maintain computer systems and networks across an organization. They are responsible for everything from the installation and configuration of computer systems, to the diagnostics of hardware and software, and trying to solve any problems that may arise.

Benefits of a managed IT service include:

  • Reduced Operating Cost.

When you choose to outsource to a managed IT service, you eliminate any direct costs associated with hiring an employee (recruitment, oversight, training, benefits, taxes, etc.). This keeps your in-house staff costs lower and allows you to allocate those expenses to another functional department.

  • Reduced Risk

A quality outsourced IT service provides access to its professional services and exceptional capabilities. When passing off an essential task to a team of highly trained professionals, you gain a collective skill set based solely around IT experience. You not only bypass the tedious training process of hiring a new employee, but you reduce the risk of mistakes and failure from inexperienced service workers.

  • Focus on Core Business

As mentioned before, there’s a lot that goes in to maintaining a business. Businesses have limited resources, and every manager has limited time and attention. IT is a functional department that can be vital in how a business runs, yet it is often one of the trickiest to operate. Managed service providers can help you stay focused on your core business and not get distracted by complex IT decisions.

Enlisting the aid of a managed service provider does not require you to surrender complete control of your IT assets. Instead, you get to pick what elements of your IT infrastructure are taken care of externally versus what you still want to handle within your business. By simply monitoring and maintaining your systems, this service can help you avoid countless technology problems and address existing ones even faster.

Information Technology systems can be a hassle, that’s why here at Client Technology Services, LLC, we’re ready to assist you with any of your IT needs. For more information, or to discuss your specific IT issues, contact Client-Tech today at (225) 753-6682 or, we can walk you through on the phone or even set up a consultation.