Unfortunately, cyber threats are becoming more omnipresent. With this, there is decreasing confidence in traditional anti-virus software. This software detects known malware, but today’s cyber threats go beyond what these products can discover. There are also advanced persistent threats (APTs), in which hackers attack an anti-virus firm looking to access a particular asset. Attackers identify […]

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Unfortunately, we don’t always get a heads up before a disaster takes place. The recent floods that devastated our area is a prime example of this. That is why it’s vital for  all businesses to have a disaster recovery plan. A recovery plan consists of the backup of any important data. A backup is simply a copy […]

Hurricane Season Preparedness Checklist Each year, hurricane season begins on June 1st and ends on November 30th. Oftentimes, individuals underestimate how these storms could affect their businesses. Hurricane preparedness does not end at home. Therefore, Client Tech has compiled a few suggestions to assist your company or organization and you as an individual. The following […]

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