Why Anti-Virus Isn’t Enough

October 27th, 2016 by ClientTech

Unfortunately, cyber threats are becoming more omnipresent. With this, there is decreasing confidence in traditional anti-virus software. This software detects known malware, but today’s cyber threats go beyond what these products can discover.

There are also advanced persistent threats (APTs), in which hackers attack an anti-virus firm looking to access a particular asset. Attackers identify an unknown vulnerability in software and find a way to install malware on the system. These threats are also known as “zero-day threats.”

The Bromium Enterprise Security Confidence Report surveyed 125 individuals to look into the state of the security industry and cyber threats.

Both data breeches and hacking has contributed to the distrust of anti-virus software effectiveness. Therefore, having this software simply isn’t enough. It could expose your company to high security risks.

The survey found that 92% of respondents are losing confidence in solutions such as whitelisting and anti-virus products.

So, what does that mean for your business? You have to utilize other measures of protection and combine these for your ultimate success.

Many believe in using intrusion detection and prevention solutions. Others believe endpoint threat isolation solutions to be most effective.

Most often, the key is formulating a diverse information security configuration with a multi-layer approach. These measures should complement each other.

Some other suggestions:

  • Secure your email system.


  • Protect your web usage.


  • Backup all of your computer data regularly.


  • Managing passwords: Corporate or company passwords should be long and random and stored in a password manager system that encrypts passwords.


  • Personal firewall: Individual firewalls should be used in addition to already existing corporate firewalls


  • DLP: Data loss prevention software is used to detect when sensitive data are leaving a system and going out over the Internet.


  • Encrypting: It is important to encrypt important, confidential data of a company, so it is impossible for hackers to utilize


  • Updating management software: Ensure that management software is up-to-date. Many hackers use existing vulnerabilities that have not been patched or updated.


  • Training: Make sure employees are trained in spotting social engineering emails or phone calls



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