Backups: Save yourself the worry!

August 21st, 2019 by ClientTech

Do you know where your files, photos, or documents are on your computer? Have you ever had a mini panic attack when you thought you might have lost or deleted something on accident? Have you been unsure if something is safe on your computer knowing it’s important to you? Family photos, vacation videos, wedding portraits, engagements, a document that contains all of your passwords – most of us have something important that is saved on our desktop. While some of them may not be extremely valuable monetarily, they may be just too valuable to lose.

Losing access, losing files, and losing important photos can happen to anyone at anytime. It’s important to know the steps and the ways to save your important things without causing any unforeseen panic. Having a backup of your computer gives you the assurance that you need. It provides you with a safe storage of the important files you need – no matter if your computer crashes!

Whether someone hacks your computer, your hardware loses its power, your computer crashes, or if the kids drop milk on the computer, your files will be safe if you regularly backup your data. Using external harddrives are easy to use, but sometimes, technology fails us. Just like any other piece of technology, sometimes things just happen. If your external hard drive breaks or the fan stops working, you’re bound to lose all of the files that you’ve saved on that drive. We’ve come up with various options that can work for you – but our rule of thumb: save them in multiple places!

What are ways to backup your files?

● External hard drives

● Cloud backup

● Flash drives

● Backup services

What’s the best data backup solution?

While backups are important, each person has a different need based on space, items, and security measures. If you’re looking to back up a lot of information, using a program like Dropbox or Google Drive may be helpful. However, if you have a few files, using an external and flash drive (multiple, incase one breaks!) may be a better option. A few things to look for when searching for a solution are:

● Storage Space

● Cost

● Ease of use

● Speed

● Security

● Recovery Solutions

● Mobile Compatibility

If you’re looking for a solution to help backup and protect your files and images, let us help. We always provide service and products that are the most reliable. Likewise, we give our customers the best advice and always ask that clients backup their information in multiple places. Our goal is to help make our clients lives as easy as possible with as little panic as possible. Technology may not always be reliable, so let us save you the unforeseen worry by backing up your important things. Contact us today for a consult!

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